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New lawn

Seeding a new lawn

The surface must have been cleared of any debris, rocks and piles of earth then leveled. The land must have a natural slope of 1 cm per meter (1 in per 10 ft).

Make sure you have a layer of good quality potting soil at least 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 in.) thick. The addition of Herbionik® Lawn Fertilizer Rooting Formula 12-18-8 will help stimulate the establishment of healthy roots.

Leveling: Prepare the potting soil by raking the surface to a depth of a few inches for a minimum of 6 inches of soil to prepare the seedbed. Roll lightly to obtain an even surface

Seeding: Spread seed evenly at the recommended seeding rate for new lawns. Divide the seed quantity into two equal parts and sow in two directions (i.e. east-west, north-south). Gently rake the seeds to hide them in the potting soil and roll lightly.

Watering: Make sure the seedbed is moist, not saturated with water, until seedlings establish.

Mowing: When mowing for the first time, mow the lawn a third of 8 cm (3 in) once the lawn is established.

Soil preparation
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