Installation Guides
Tips for installing sod in Gatineau
Installation Guides
Tips for installing sod in Gatineau
Conseils pour installer du gazon à Gatineau
Installation Guides

Tips for installing sod in Gatineau

  1. Preparing your soil by adding Top Soil to have a layer between 4 and 6 inches;
  2. Remove trash and large stones and level the land ;
  3. Lay the sod slips immediately upon receipt ;
  4. Apply, if necessary, a fertilizer that promotes rooting ;
  5. Lay the rows evenly, with alternating joints, and make sure the plates touch each other without overlapping ;
  6. Quickly water each completed section ;
  7. After laying an area of ​​approximately 10 feet ² , proceed to rolling the freshly laid plates ;
  8. Keep the soil moist for the first 2 weeks by watering 2 to 3 times a day for about 30 minutes, unless there is precipitation ;
  9. After the 2 week period, water every 2 or 3 days, depending on weather conditions ;
  10. The first maintenance fertilization can be carried out after the third mowing following the establishment of the lawn. ;
  11. The first mowing can be done when the blades of grass reach 8 cm in height, i.e. 8 to 10 days following sodding ;
  12. Regular mowing generally begins 15 to 20 days after implantation ;
  13. Mowing must be maintained at 8 cm height ;

    When to sod?

    • In spring and fall;
    • Cultivated sod can also be laid during the summer, but it must be possible to water it regularly.

    You have questions ? We have the answers

    What is the size of your lawn patches?

    Our sod sheets measure 2 feet by 5 feet or 10 square feet. This format is ideal for quick, easy and precise installation.

    I would like to install the sod myself. How long can it survive before I install?

    Sod is a product of nature. The period of time he can survive is limited. We advise you to install your sod no later than 24 hours after it has been delivered to you.

    How should I install sod?

    The plates should be rolled out and laid down much like installing brick. After rolling, a pre-plant fertilizer (such as Herbionik 12-18-8) should be applied before installation is completed.

    Why does my Top Soil need to be flattened with a roller?

    Top Soil should be rolled flat before and after installation to reduce its initial porous and spongy state. Otherwise, footprints and tire marks will quickly appear, causing damage and unsightly ruts. Flattening will reduce the amount of air pockets still present after installation—eliminating the possibility of heating the air in these pockets and thereby burning the roots. Please note that before installation the roll should be full and after installation it should be one third full.

    How often should I water my newly installed turf?

    Watering is by far the most important step during installation. This can mean the difference between established growth and a dead lawn. After watering, you should be able to lift the corner of a patch of grass and see the wet soil underneath. Sod should be watered every evening for a week (temperature permitting) and watered as needed thereafter.

    When can you mow without problems?

    About 10 days after installation, you can mow turf without problem. The grass should be mowed in the opposite direction to the direction in which the sod was rolled out when installed in order to force them to bond together.

    How often should I mow the lawn around my home?

    A well-irrigated and fertilized lawn should be mowed every four days.

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